The Rise of the Waves of Righteousness

The Merging of Waters Has Begun – A Parable

by Rick Stecker

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In the natural world there will always be a price to pay. When tides of supply and provision arrive, they always come with mandatory waves of payments and payouts as the costs of doing business.

Most of the dealings that follow prove upright and produce benefits. But others impose improper and inflated paybacks and payoffs. Corruption from a dark competitor, seeping unseen into the tidal flow, can impose exorbitant tallies.

In the reciprocal realm of Spirit, however, there is also a price to pay. But in this case the cost is light, and the payments are easy. And these tides come with a pledge from on high to exceed the needs that await on the shore. They offer a cargo of justice that calls for zero payback from all who will have been rendered blameless.

Between these two rival currents–the tides of the world and the waves of the Spirit–a gap has long existed. And a breakwater stands firmly fixed between the two, keeping their tides from combining. Previous attempts to mingle their separate cargos have always been met with measures of incompatibility.

Yet out of nowhere a higher tide emerges, one of the highest ever seen, flooding over the breakwater. The surge rushes to wash over the rival flows and draw them together. Eddies emerge where currents converge, and maelstroms form where misdeeds flourish.

The final merging of waters has begun, but at first it comes with difficulty. In the churning of the waves, many must now pay back the plunder they pocketed or plunge to the depths. Yet those who exercised their right to pay it forward manage to remain afloat and regain their prosperity.

These long-awaited tidal benefits, predicted from ages past, come primed to produce a benevolent outflow as they rush towards the shore. They carry the keys to every malady, the answers for every affliction, and the solutions to every problem.  

This rising of these waters of righteousness, once they settle upon the sands, will create harbors of good fortune with tidings of great joy. And a flood of Peace will soon cover the countryside as they head inland.

Merry Christmas to all who sail these very seas!

About the Author

Rick Stecker is a personal growth specialist, writer and speaker helping entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Rick's first job was as a reporter covering crime for a daily newspaper. Then came a stint on the high seas in Navy public relations aboard an aircraft carrier.

What followed was 25 years in corporate communications. Yet when a buyout forced a career change, Rick took his accumulated experience and built a consulting business, Grounds to Grow Coaching.

Rick authored his first book "Making Choices Like A Champion" to help others grow their capabilities. His second book, "The Chronicles of Mikey & Me" reflects on lessons learned out in the marsh with his first duck dog. In the works is Rick's next book, "The Benevolent Merger" aimed at helping those looking for personal growth to be victorious in their thinking. Rick's writings for the Internet can be found on Substack at ‘Rick Stecker’s Rising Tides’ ( Be sure to subscribe!

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