“The time has come for the waves to part, and for Rising Tides to bring forth first fruits.”

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”

(A widely-attributed aphorism primarily used to describe broad economic improvement.)

by Rick Stecker

Across the ages, inbound ships riding onshore tides would often carry cargos of necessary stores and supplies to feed the needs of the many.

The recurring rise of ocean waters could be counted on to bring abundance from other shores to replenish storehouses and pantries.

In our day, however, needs have changed. A wave of disease has diminished our resilience. And a tide of pandemic has washed out our stamina.

Even now, our culture continues to suffer misfortune on many fronts, including hurricanes and flames. In the wake of all that how can we refill our inner storehouses and regain personal resolve?

During times such as this, the wise look for a new kind of tide to signal the arrival of a different kind of cargo.

Here on these pages Rising Tides will offer supplies of wisdom and commodities of discernment that may help to turn your tide of misfortune.

Indeed, the time has come for the waters to part and the rising tides to bring forth new abundance—fresh fruits of fortitude and strength.

Rick Stecker - Business Coach

Rick Stecker

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