It Took The Wind Out Of My Sails

Part 2 – The Faith

by Rick Stecker

Or … How I Got My Wind Back

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On that day in the hospital, I was faced with a choice I didn’t want to make. The tests and scans presented a distressing picture. I was at risk from arterial blockages that threatened the possibility of a heart attack.

The doctors had already scheduled me for a catheterization, also referred to as angioplasty, the implanting of small, mesh stents in my arteries. I was completely unaware, until they said the medical team was already on its way to roll me down to the ‘cath lab’ for the procedure.

However, I was not mentally prepared to cooperate, and I had made my sentiments known. I felt caught in an ominous rising tide I called the Risk Zone.

That’s a helluva place to live, all things considered. I would rather reside in a Success Zone. But what would that look like?

My wife, Sharon, and I turned to prayer. She had been with me the whole time. We share a faith in the unseen, and in the actions of a loving God, the overseer of all our conditions. In that moment, an unexplained tide of peace swept over me. No longer anxious or afraid, I turned to face the situation with new resolve.

Two things took place after that. First, the cardiologist who would perform the procedure spoke of successfully completing thousands of them, all in short order. His calm words filled me with a wave of confidence. I was finally ready to go ahead. Second, I announced I wanted to pray beforehand with the whole surgical team.

When they agreed, I climbed aboard their bed and was wheeled to the operating room, all the while feeling a deep sense of peace. In my hand was a prayer card with the 91st Psalm. With the entire team gathered around I prayed, “I live in the shelter of the Most High…”

As promised, the procedure went quickly. I awoke from a medicated ‘twilight’ sleep to someone pronouncing, “You’re done.” With three stents implanted, I don’t remember much of the trip back to the room, where Sharon waited. In short order, I was processed out and we went home.

During that short time, life had taken on a whole new perspective. First, I lost my wind. Then I got it back. But mostly I was amazed at the sense of peace that had overcome my angst. And I understood the power of a merger with the Living God, who shifted me away from living in the Risk Zone to occupying the Success Zone.


About the Author

Rick Stecker is a personal growth specialist, writer and speaker helping entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Rick's first job was as a reporter covering crime for a daily newspaper. Then came a stint on the high seas in Navy public relations aboard an aircraft carrier.

What followed was 25 years in corporate communications. Yet when a buyout forced a career change, Rick took his accumulated experience and built a consulting business, Grounds to Grow Coaching.

Rick authored his first book "Making Choices Like A Champion" to help others grow their capabilities. His second book, "The Chronicles of Mikey & Me" reflects on lessons learned out in the marsh with his first duck dog. In the works is Rick's next book, "The Benevolent Merger" aimed at helping those looking for personal growth to be victorious in their thinking. Rick's writings for the Internet can be found on Substack at ‘Rick Stecker’s Rising Tides’ ( Be sure to subscribe!

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