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Book cover - The Chronicles of Mikey & Me

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The Chronicles of Mikey & Me

Or, How I Learned to Partner with my Difficult Duck Dog

“This is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for a long time. It took shape over 10 years in the life of our first family dog, a duck-hunting, Yellow Labrador Retriever named Mikey.

The seminal stories from that time remain fixed in my memory to this day. This book explores the questions of how to deal with a dog with a difficult temperament, and still come out a winner. If you’re a true dog enthusiast, you’ll get it. For those who want to become so, you will walk away with new appreciation for what it will take to align with your new companion.”

author photo - Rick Stecker

Rick Stecker

“… Every chapter kept me wanting to see what happened in the next one!”
Alan S. – Merrill, Wisconsin

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cover - Mikey & Me

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cover - Mikey & Me


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About the Author

Rick Stecker is a business branding coach, writer and speaker helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Rick's first job after college was as a police reporter covering crime for a daily newspaper. Then came a stint on the high seas in Navy public affairs aboard an aircraft carrier.

What followed was 25 years in business and corporate communications at both the national and international levels. After a corporate buyout forced a career change, Rick tapped into his accumulated business experience, with all the challenges faced, lessons learned, and questions asked, and built a coaching and consulting business, Grounds To Grow Coaching.

Rick authored his first book "Making Choices Like A Champion" to help others grow their capabilities and enhance their performance. Rick's soon-to-be-released "The Chronicles of Mikey & Me" reflects on his experiences with his first duck dog and the lessons he learned. Also in the works is Rick's next book, "The Entrepreneur and the Secret Book of Business Branding" which seeks to help entrepreneurs establish personal and professional brands. Rick also continues to write for the Internet, and can be contacted through his website www.RickStecker.com.