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About Rick and Grounds to Grow

Rick, as Director of Grounds to Growfocuses on coaching his clients on effective Brand building. He began the business in 2007 after a long career in communications.
His first job identity was as a reporter for a daily newspaper. “More Jimmy Olson than Clark Kent, and no Superman.” Then came a stretch in Navy public affairs aboard an aircraft carrier. "You learn a lot about self reliance on a rolling deck."
What followed was more than 25 years in public relations and corporate communications. "It was a successful and secure time, but a problem was looming."

A corporate buyout and subsequent downsizing forced Rick to search for a renaissance. Fortunately, the search became a discovery process that led to a brand new identity.

The Growth  of Grounds to Grow

Grounds to Grow coaching took shape out of Rick's need to understand what it takes to reach new levels of performance excellence.
If you are an employee or entrepreneur, you know it's difficult to stay consistent and balanced. "I know the issues. I've been there, but I discovered a solution."
Rick applies what he learned to help you discover more of your personal excellence, and infuse that excellence into your Brand. 
"I approach branding with new ideas that serve as the 'igniters' to spark your thinking to new levels."

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